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Custom orders.

You dream it, I make it.

Here's how it works: 

1. First, pick your product. What do you want for your custom order? Earrings, wood burning, design, or something else?

2. Pick your design. Pro tip: send me an image of what you are picturing! This speeds up the process AND lowers my time creating the draft resulting in a lower price for you! It's okay if it's not exactly what you want. Once I have a starting point, we can finish customization.

3. Check your email! Customization  generally requires a lot of communication so I can make sure your order is exactly what you've dreamed up! The faster you get back to me and answer my questions, the sooner I can finish your design. 

4. Be patient! Remember, this is something I am creating just for you! Please be patient as I create your design and remember that I have other orders in addition to yours. Depending on your response time, the general wait time for custom orders in 2-3 weeks. 

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Why Custom Orders?

Custom orders are how Angel Letters got started. I believe that each and every person is made in God's image, and because of that, everyone has their own unique sense of creativity. Each person, to some extent, is drawn to create. However, not everyone feels confident enough to make their idea come to life on their own. That's why I love custom orders so much. With Angel Letters Custom Orders, you can share your dream with me so I can help you make it a reality. Not only can I customize already made designs, but I can create whole new designs to match what you've created in your mind. In the past, I have designed cards, customized messages, signs, business logos, calendar photos, and tattoos. Have something else in mind? Just let me know, and we can get to work to create your dream. That's the beauty of custom orders.