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First of all, thank you for checking out my website. I'm so happy to have you here! I wanted to share a little bit about my journey of creating Angel Letters and the heart behind my small business. 

I have always loved to create things. Whether it be drawing, playing musical instruments, making crafts, or baking, I always seemed to be getting into some new hobby to create. I first discovered my love for calligraphy and hand lettering in August of 2016 when I found a calligraphy account on the search page of Instagram. After watching the smooth strokes of the brush pen once or twice, I knew hand lettering was going to be my new thing. I very quickly began experimenting with different styles, pens, and tools.  I started designing cards, journals, and even some tattoos!

In December 2017, I discovered wood burning and fell in love with it. I loved creating custom and unique pieces of art to give as thank you’s, birthday gifts, and just because. I was always looking for new things to letter or burn. 

In November 2020, I spontaneously ordered a set of blank wooden earrings, which began my process of selling earrings. 

Through each of these developments in Angel Letters, I have noticed one common theme: the joy that I can help bring to people with this gift. Even more satisfying than creating what I might consider the "perfect" design, burning, or pair of earrings, is the joy and excitement I get to see in others as I help create their design or give them a handmade piece of work. 

One of the unique things about hand making things is that I am able to easily customize products to a specific person, making a gift that much more special. That is the true heart behind Angel Letters. To help bring joy in a way as simple as customizing a design or pair of earrings. It is a chance for me to take the gifts God has given me and share them with everyone else. My prayer is that God is able to use Angel Letters as a way to bring hope and joy, however small, into people's lives.

Thank you for helping support that dream. 

With love, 














Pictures 1 & 2: First time using a brush pen

Picture 3: First wood burning

Picture 4: First pairs of earrings